Tourism Fund

Tourism Fund is a body corporate established under the Tourism Act, 2011 which came into operation on 1st September, 2012 vide special issue Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 93 of 24th August, 2012. The Fund is the legal successor to Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees. Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees has been in existence since 1972 and operated under the umbrella of the Hotel and Restaurant Act, Cap 494, Laws of Kenya. The Act was repealed when the Tourism Act came into effect.

Our Mission:

To diversify the resource base for financing development of a sustainable tourism industry through innovation, service excellence and stakeholders engagement.

Our Vision:

To be the ultimate source of funding for sustainable development of tourism industry in Kenya.

Core Values

Team Work: To create one family focused to deliver

Customer Focus: To meet and surpass expectations of all our customers

Integrity: To uphold good conduct and ethics in all our operations

Accountability: To be transparent and socially responsible

Professionalism: Committed to excellence through continuous improvement

Innovation: To promote and reward creativity and embrace best practices service delivery

Equity: To be committed to fairness in all undertakings.


  • Collect the tourism levy imposed under section 105 of this Act or any other written law;
  • Establish, equip and control such other tourism and hospitality training institutions as it may be necessary upon approval by the Minister;
  • Formulate sound policies for the regulation and management of the Fund;
  • Solicit for funds and other assistance to promote the object for which the Fund is established;
  • Determine the amounts of money payable for the purposes of the Fund and formulate the conditions for disbursement;
  • Invest any surplus funds not immediately required in securities approved by the Treasury, for the purposes of realizing the objects and purpose for which the Fund is established;
  • Establish a tourism training revolving fund;
  • Keep and maintain audited accounts of the Fund and publish the accounts in the manner approved by the Treasury;
  • Cause to be kept all proper books and records of account of the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities of the Fund;
  • Receive any gifts, donations, grants or endowments made to the Fund, and to make legitimate disbursements; and
  • Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the objects and purpose for which the Fund is established.